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Addressing human rights violations in conflict zones
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President- Varun R Swaminathan

Hailing from an academic background that always encouraged participation in MUNs, for Varun R Swaminathan his love for MUNs was not something that he stumbled upon by accident. Currently pursuing his 2nd year of Computer Science engineering at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Varun believes that MUNs gave his college life a purpose, something to look forward to, something to learn and moreover, something that he can depend upon.  If you don't find Varun very interestingly researching for his next MUN, you'll find him belting to EDM or Rock music or planning his next cricket or football sash with his friends. He is also an avid follower of MS Dhoni and Lionel Messi. His other interests are F1 racing, with Mercedes AMG Petronas close to his heart. MUN not only made him an international law fanatic, it has also become an integral part of his life. As an individual, Varun can be described as Jim Halpert and Chandler Bing coalesced into one. Varun is amicable and an easily approachable person in MUNs and has an ever growing interest to learn and teach his peers.

Vice President- Siddharth Bandam

Siddharth is an alumnus of Pon Vidyashram and is a B-Tech CSE student pursuing his degree in VIT Chennai. MUN's have always been one of the top priorities of his interests. He believe that MUN's is a place where people could speak out their opinions.