Discussing the humanitarion and the economic implication of covid-19 outbreak, & the role of UNDP in restabilizing the economy
Chairperson - Parth Bansal

Parth Bansal is a third-year ECE student at PES University, Bangalore. He has an admirable 100% top 3 placement record in college MUNs, with accolades in prestigious conferences like VITMUN, YLGC MUN, BMUN, CJCMUN etc. Hard working and meticulous, Parth always has his wits about him, looking to take committee to the next level each day. Don't think for a second that you could get away with anything under his watchful eye!

Vice Chairperson- Smriti Shivakumar

Ms. Smriti Sivakumar is a first-year engineering undergraduate pursuing her degree from PES University, Bangalore. She has been associated with the discourse sector since 2018 and has been an ardent partaker in Model United Nations. She is a zealous environmental activist, propelling change through various citizen movements and conglomerates. She strongly believes that every decision made by the Government must be avouched with ingenious restoratives, and not extorted by raucous articulations. A dialectical materialist, she stoutly disseminates her motto, "Every emancipation is a restoration of the human world and of human relationships to man himself".