Committee name: UN WOMEN

Agenda: Eliminating violence against women with an emphasis on domestic violence amidst the covid-19 pandemic

Executive Board Member: 
          Head-chairperson- Keerthana
          Co-chairperson- Isabela Reksa Dini

Committee name: UNHRC

Agenda: Addressing human rights violations in conflict zones

Executive Board Member: 
                          President- Varun R Swaminathan
                          Vice-president-  Siddharth Bandam

Committee name: UNSC

Agenda: The Israel & Polestine question

Executive Board Member: 
                                President- Fazil Razak
                                Vice-president- Udit Samant

Committee name: Committee X

Agenda:Closed-doors meeting: 27th March 2022

Executive Board Member: 
               Head-chairperson- Raunak Chaudhuri                          Co-chairperson- Anmol Puri                                     

Committee name: UNICEF

Agenda: Improving efficiency & access to E-learning during the pandemic

Executive Board Member: 
              Executive Director- Aryan Singh                               Deputy Executive Director- Maanav Kejriwal

Committee name:  WHO

Agenda: [Substandard, spurious, falsely labelled, falsified & counterfeit]

Executive Board Member: 
              Director General- Arvind Krishnan
              Deputy Director General- Manveer Singh

Committee name: UNDP

Agenda: Discussing the humanitarian and the economic implication of covid-19 outbreak, & the role of UNDP in restabilizing the economy

Executive Board Member: 
                                      Head-chairperson- Parth Bansal
                                      Co-chairperson- Smriti Sivakumar