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Closed-doors meeting: 27   March 2022
Head Chairperson- Kaushik Sharma

Raunak Chaudhuri, The Chairperson of Committee X is a second-year electronics engineering student at VIT vellore. He has experience of MUNs all over India. Known for his prowess in the fields of reserch and documentation coupled with a keen intrest in geopoliticals and international relations, Raunak predominantly likes participating in military committees. On his off day, you'll find him listening to old-school music and watching football matches. P.S. make sure you do not violate foreign policy when he's on the executive board.

Co. Chairperson- Anmol Puri

Anmol is not only a passionate debater but also a profound member of the MUN circuit. The handsome number of conferences which he have participated and chaired on both the national as well as on the international level is only the tip of the iceberg . He love debating fiercely ,drafting comprehensive resolutions and negotiate with other delegates which are the core thongs that make you a MUNer . He is currently pursuing engineering and is a budding graphic designer as well. He is also a strong devout of John Lennon and a firm believer of his quotes on World Peace and Harmony , one of them being - “If you want PEACE , you won’t get it by VIOLENCE.”