IYMUN aims to educate and update youth about current situations, and it provides them a platform to express their opinions in front of a huge audience.

Initiated by an enthusiastic team of youngsters, we organize model united nations globally by the name of Immortal Youth Model United Nations which was founded in April 2021.

We built this platform to provide modern youth the chance they always deserved but are struggling to attain in order to keep up the good spirit of delegation ,diplomacy and public speaking in a steady direction of positivity.

Our Vision

To eradicate long distances and unite youth to approach ideas towards solutions which were awaited by them to release it to the world. We aim to reach those voices and give them a stage to represent not only countries but the world so that the world gets it's best ideals of future generations who engage continually for attaining harmony and peace by their solutions.

Our Mission

To cut long distances short  and bring youth together globally  in order to build a community that takes positive actions and lay focus on inspiring ideologies from all over the world to make the world a better place.

Is Immortal Youth MUN reliable ?

We are registered under policies which Indian government imply on any organization, the license and certificates we have as follows:


We are registered under Bihar Governments Shops and Establishment Act. Which is a proof of our address.


We are the holder of PAN Card which is issued by Income Tax Department of India.


We are also certified by Ministry of Medium, Small, & Micro Enterprises And holding a MSME certificate 

Shops & Establishment License.png

The united Nations and its organizations supported IYMUN by allowing us to use their logos